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Yuliia Palaida

 Jazz, Contemporary & Heels

Yuliia is a well-trained and disciplined dancer and choreographer from Ukraine with extensive 10 years of stage experience, as well as teaching/choreographing. Recently, she was a principal dancer in the "Alice in Wonderland" Italy tour (2023). And tuned in South Korea as Red Queen (2024). Yuliia obtained a degree in modern dance from the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture (Ukraine) and later graduated from the Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance (London). Yuliia currently teaches at Pineapple studios, choreographs at the LSE Student Union and gives workshops at various studios in London and the UK.


House & New School Hiphop

In 1996 he made his first dance steps in NOISIEL (Parisian suburb). He begins with Breakdance and is quickly discovered by WANTED POSSE in 1999, it is his entry into this group that earns him the name "MaMSoN." A defining moment for him because his view of dance takes a different turn. The desire to learn and know a new horizon gradually grows into Hip-Hop (New Style) and House Dance. Undisputed member of WANTED POSSE and SERIAL STEPPERZ, he is now satisfied with fifty hits internationally recognized: - SDK 2006 and 2007 (Czech Republic) - House Dance International NYC 2010 (USA) - Cercle Underground 2010 (France) - House Dance UK 2010 (UK) - Funkyn Stykez 2011 (Germany) - Just Debout Steez 2012 (France) - World Dance Colosseum 2012 (Japan) - Supreme Circle Underground 2014 (France) - Street Dance Camp Japan 2015 (Japan) - Aim High World Final 2016 (South Korea) - Master Cup Vol.4 2016 (China) - Back to Style 2017 (Italy) - Dance @live Hero's 2017 (Japan) - Free Spirit 2017 (Germany) - Street Fighters World Final 2019 (Italy) - The League Battle Online 2020 Vol 6 - Demolition of the House 2022 (France)... Much in demand, he crosses the four corners of the world to referee the matches and pass on his knowledge through dance practice...


Cassidy Gempler

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary & Jazzfunk

Cassidy Gempler Instructor in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary & Jazzfunk Cassidy graduated with a bachelor's degree in dance from Loyola Marymount University in 2018. In addition, Cassidy has won several awards with her dance team in the United States at High Voltage Dance Academy, where she was also a competitive dancer in 10. She has worked as a work studdy for Millenium dance complex, and as a dance instructor at various studios in the USA. Cassidy has also been a dancer at one of the biggest dance events in the USA called "Choreographers Carneval" At university, Cassidy was also part of the team "Kuumba Beatz" from 2016-2018, which was a highly recognized team in the USA. In 2018, Cassidy got an apprenticeship at Danceproject in Viborg, where she has now worked continuously for the past 6 years as a trainer in various styles, and as an elite trainer. Cassidy has always shown good results here with e.g. a 3rd place for the Kaufmann Cup in 2021. 2nd place for the Kaufmann Cup in the opera in Kbh in 2022, and a 1st place for the Cph Open in 2022 for second ranking. ​ Cassidy is an amazing dancer and teacher who delights in creating results with the students who take her classes.


Arben Giga

Afro, Commerciel, Freestyle, Hiphop m.m.
Arben Giga is a passionate and skilled dancer, choreographer, actor, teacher and creative leader.
Arben is the creator of "Not just hip hop" which is a stylish dance class that represents his unique style and energy. And then he is a very versatile artist who has worked with musicals, video games (Just Dance), TV shows, commercials, in music videos and with stage shows for both large and small events.
Arben has been dancing since 2001, and trained in urban styles such as hip-hop, house, locking, popping, breakdance. He has also improved his skills in Afrobeats, African traditional dance and contemporary.
He has also danced for several artists, including LMFAO, Kuami Eugene & Kiddi Koncert, Rotimi, etc.
Various competitions Arben has placed in:
2000 Federfunk team in Milan, 2nd place
2007 King of monster (Black Out Crew) 1st place
2009 American campus at PJD, 1st place
2011 Zelig Urban Talent, 1st place
2013 Danza i Fiera, Expression IDA, 1st place Italian Championship 2013 D.F, 1st place
2015 Bolo1Move, Me against the music, 1st place
2017 Afro Best Skills, 1st place

Reet Roy

Hiphop & Urban styles 

Reet Roy is a professional  dance choreographer from Toronto and has become one of the most in-demand dance educator around the world. He is the Director of Canada's premiere Hip Hop company , Rhythm2dance and the faculty member for Millennium Dance Complex, Toronto.
Reet had the honour of sharing his craft in over 25+ countries over the past decade. He has adjudicated and taught masterclasses in USA, Canada, Hong Kong , Ukraine , Switzerland , Iceland , Denmark , France, Spain, Netherlands, India . Mexico and more . Reet started teaching at the age of 19 but soon after his style started getting recognition he got signed by DanceOn LA agency to pursue his Industry career as well. He was one of the judges for Europe’s Hip Hop International in Kiev, Ukraine. Reet also taught in the same Camp with some of the best dance urban/hip hop educators in the world. Reet has taught and Adjudicated with World of Dance fame Ian Eastwood (Young Lions ) , Scott Forsyth (BrotherHood Dance Company) , Shaun Evaristo , Jun Quemado , Jerome Esplana and Americas best Dance Crew winner Chachi Gonzales (IAmme) to name a few. Reet has always been about sharing his craft and style with different communities across the globe and he is looking forward to training the next generation of dancers who are hungry and dedicated to learn and grow with him

Brice "Professor Lock"

Urban Stylez, Hiphop, Locking, Old School

Brice "Professor Lock" Johnson is an acclaimed dancer, choreographer, and dance instructor with over twenty years immersed in the performing arts and Hip Hop culture. 


As a dedicated student, leader, and educator within Hip Hop, he has profoundly influenced this vibrant community both locally and internationally. Brice’s dynamic teaching style, commanding performances and choreography have been showcased on stages like Broadway in Rennie Harris Pure Movement and through high-energy choreography for Denmark’s beloved artist, Christopher.

An engaging speaker, Brice has also shared his insights and experiences on the TED Talk stage, focusing on the transformative power of dance and its potential to foster community and personal growth. 


Off the stage, he harnesses the power of social media to reach a broader audience, leading the "Have You Danced Today?” initiative with over 140,000 followers. This project promotes a holistic approach to wellness, integrating dance as a form of therapeutic play to enhance physical, mental, and emotional health.


Brice "Professor Lock" Johnson’s contributions to dance and education reflect a deep commitment to enriching the arts and empowering individuals through the expressive power of Hip Hop.


Jevan Howard-Jones

House, Hiphop & Streetdance
Jevan is a Movement Artist, Choreographer and a multi-disciplinary creative who uses different mediums to explore his art.  Through his contemporary training and roots in street dance - in particular House Dance and Hip Hop, has created a fusion of many styles and cultures within his work.  With over 15 years of choreographing, performing and teaching throughout the UK and internationally, alongside participation in the house and hip hop battle scene.

Pia Lomholt

Physiotherapist, zone therapist, masseuse and injury treatment 
Pia was trained as a physiotherapist in 2013 and a reflexologist in 2020.
During the training, Pia will pass on a comprehensive understanding of the body, its movements and systems, but also a holistic approach to both psyche and physics and how the 2 factors affect each other. Pia has been dancing herself since childhood, and has been teaching since 2012, when she started with fitness dance. Later, the development shifted to choreography within dance, under the genres girly and hip-hop & high heels. Pia looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with you and contributing to your professional development and well-being as dancers. *Teaching areas:* 1. Anatomy and physiology: - In-depth understanding of the body's structures and functions, with a focus on the musculoskeletal system and its role in dance. 2. Injury prevention: - Implementation of preventive strategies through warm-up, stretching exercises and body awareness - Identification and prevention of injuries through correct body awareness and technique. - Analysis of risk factors and individual needs to ensure a long-term dance career. 3. Biological work during physical activity: - Understanding the body's physiological response during exercise - Optimizing performance through conscious control of bodily processes. 4. Holistic approach to performance and well-being: - Integration of psychological and emotional factors in training to promote mental strength, concentration and well-being. - Understanding the connection between psyche and physics, and how this affects our performance and well-being as dancers and people. 5. Learning and teaching: - Introduction to the SMTTE model (Subject Matter, Teaching Methods, Targeted Learners, Environment), as a tool to structure teaching and ensure maximum understanding and learning. - Using the didactic relationship model for learning to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment where all students feel seen, heard and valued. Pia looks forward to exploring and developing your potential as dancers and teachers together with you. She is always open to dialogue and questions, so don't hold back. Let's create an inspiring and educational teaching experience together!

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